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Here is a great travel game to play when you are in the car with kids for a long time. When you are on one of those endless road trips and are looking for a travel game to keep you amused try this educational game to stimulate the brain and keep the kids learning. This game is not only an educational game but is also entertaining.

This travel game is called "Country, City" but a better name for it would be "country, city, boy's name, girl's name, animal, inanimate object, plant". This educational travel game is an Israeli variation of the game " Animal Vegetable, Mineral". The reason for this long name is that this travel game requires you to think of an example of each of these things. To my knowledge the travel game originated in Israel and was originally played in Hebrew.

This game is also educational and useful for expanding general knowledge and teaching kid's the alphabet by association with words beginning with the various letters. You need at least one person playing who knows the alphabet!

How to Play The Travel Game: Country, City

Someone says "A" and then silently lists the alphabet to themselves in their head not revealing which letter of the alphabet they have reached.

Someone else says "stop". They can say stop after a second or let the person silently go on listing the alphabet for a few minutes. Then either everyone can shout out stop whenever they feel like it, or one person can be appointed to be the one who says stop.

The person listing the alphabet tells everyone which letter of the alphabet he has silently reached.

Then either as a group, in teams or taking individual turns you need to name a country, city, boy's name, girl's name, animal, inanimate object and plant (plant, vegetable, flower etc) from nature. Another way of playing this educational travel game is for everyone to have a paper and pen and list as many items in each categories and then see who has the most. There is no time limit but if you wanted to make this travel game a little tougher you could set a time limit for arriving at your answers.

When you cannot think of an item starting with the given letter then you are "out".

For example:

Let's say the letter given is GCountry: Germany

City: Glasgow

Boy's Name: Gary

Girl's Name: Gertrude

Animal: Giraffe

Inanimate Object: Grill


Believe it or not you will find yourself stumped for ideas on some of the letters and categories in this educational travel game. This travel game can be played in any language, and in some languages there really isn't an animal beginning with the equivalent of "V", except for virus! You can also play this educational game on line


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