Just You and I: Fascinating Islets and Light Stations

Islet and lighthouse – perfect combination. These panoramas and awesome sceneries are manifestations that “No man is an island”.

Islet and lighthouse – perfect combination. These panoramas and awesome sceneries are manifestations that “No man is an island”.

Just the amount of effort and labor exerted in building these lighthouses are enough to consider these structures fascinating.

Fastnet Rock & Its Lighthouse

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Fastnet Rock is a lonesome small island located in Ireland. It is the most southerly point of the country which is 13 km away from the mainland. It is nicknamed 'Ireland’s Teardrop' as it was the last part of the country seen by Irish emigrants to the US in the 19th century as they sailed past it. Thanks for the companionship offered by the Lighthouse. Life is not that obscure after all.

Tillamook Rock & Tillamook Lighthouse

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A lighthouse on top of an islet is such a wonderful view. The Tillamook Rock Light built on top of the 366 meter tall Tillamook Head is located on the Pacific coast of northwest Oregon in the United States. it was nicknamed "Terrible Tilly" for its situation on a rock in the stormy Pacific Ocean.

Porer Rock and Its Lighthouse

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This Lighthouse on Porer Island or Porer Rock is located near Pula in Croatia.

Pokonji Dol & Its Lighthouse

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This solitary islet called Pokonji Dol is located in the Adriatic Sea, 2 km southeast from the city of Hvar. The cute lighthouse at the center of the islet which was built in 1872 ensures the safe navigation of vessels coming from the open sea. Pokonji Dol is the eastern-most island of the Paklinski Otoci archipelago which literally means Hell Islands.

Fenwick Point & Saybrook Lighthouse

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Saybrook Lighthouse or Saybrook Breakwater Lighthouse is located in Connecticut, USA at Fenwick Point at the mouth of the Connecticut River. The lighthouse is also known simply as "Breakwater Light" or "Outer Light". It is one of two built off Lynde Point in the nineteenth century.

St Peter and Saint Paul Rock & the Lighthouse

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This lighthouse is located in one of the islets of the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean. This part of the world is unique as they are the only location on Earth where the abyssal mantle is exposed above sea level. This archipelago is under the jurisdiction of Brazil.

The Needles & Its Lighthouse

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The Needles Lighthouse which was built in 1859 on a chalk rock is made of granite and stands 33.25 meters tall. Not far from this circular tower, rock formations called The “Needles” once stood on the site but collapsed a few years back but the name stick to it.

St Paul Island & Its Light Station

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The small uninhabited St. Paul Island is located along the boundary between the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Cabot Strait. This extremely rugged island which is formed of granite is nicknamed the “Graveyard of the Gulf” (of St. Lawrence) as it is fog-bound throughout much of the navigation season and posed a great hazard during the age of sail. Thanks to the lighthouse, navigation is now much safer.

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