How to Reduce Gun Violence in the United States

Comparing United States Gun Violence with other nations

In the year 2000, gun violence was the cause of 8,493 United States citizens killed in a population of over 270 million. Comparing United States with Great Britain, Great Britain had fifty two instances of firearms resulting in death that has a populace of 59.5 million in 1997. Australia has 65 firearms resulting in death with a populace of 19 million in 1999. Japan had 22 deaths connected to guns with a populace of 126 million. It is obvious that gun violence in the United States is far greater than the rest of the nations that were previously cited.

The Brady Bill

To control gun violence, gun supporters believe there is a problem with gun violence in the United States of America. Compared with other nations with stronger gun management actions in Australia, Great Britain and Japan. These Nations have less death due to firearms than the United States. In 1994, The Brady Bill was implemented due to the fact that White House press secretary James Brady was seriously wounded in an attempt to assassinate the United States President, Ronald Reagan in 1981 by John Hinckley Jr. The Brady Bill instituted methods to prevent gun violence with a background check and waiting period before a gun can be obtained. To further prevent gun violence the United States of America should look at other nation laws and procedures to prevent further tragedy.

Is the Brady Bill a Solution to Gun Violence?

The use of a Gun During a Robbery between 1994 to 1998 fell by 33.7% from 257,483 to 170,611 since the Brady Bill took place. This also reduced the homicide rate by 29% in 1994. Despite these reductions, the fact is that thirty two states were bound to this law while 18 states were not. The NRA states that the 18 states that didn’t have the Brady Bill had a 16.4 decrease while the 32 states had only a 9% decrease.

Alternative Solution

An alternative to the Brady Bill was the gun buyback programs that were first implemented by Australia and Great Britain. President Bill Clinton in 1999 planned a $15 million agenda to reduce the number of guns that were in and around housing projects. 50.00 were given to each person that turned their gun into their local police station. Between 1999-2000 20,000 guns were turned in. But Bill Clinton’s program was terminated by George W. Bush in 2001.


All though the Brady Bill was effect, I think that the gun buyback program was more successful. What is your opinion with this. My opinion is gun is used to protect but they don’t need guns that are called cop killers or machine guns that can kill many people. This has to be restricted to the military and the police .


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