Honeymoon Hotels in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

The hotels in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire that make it a honeymoon destination

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire may not be the first thing that comes to mind when trying to pick out a honeymoon destination, but this New England beach resort town will surprise you. Not only is Hampton Beach affordable accessible, the entire main strip is the picture perfect representation of a summertime boardwalk haven. Affordable, accessible and so much fun, a romantic honeymoon in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire is bound to be shockingly successful.

There are several higher end hotels tucked in and among the family-friendly atmosphere of Hampton Beach lodging options. You will be hard pressed to find a name-brand multinational chain hotel on Ocean Boulevard, but there are a few Hampton destinations that create a romantic and luxurious environment.

Ashworth by the Sea Hotel

295 Ocean Boulevard

Hampton, NH 03842

(866) 509-5871

Not only is the Ashworth by the Sea Hotel on the main strip considered to be the best lodging in Hampton but also some of the nicest accommodations among all New Hampshire beach destinations. There is an understated class and poise about the Ashworth that draws a level of respect from local business owners and plenty of romantic repeat business season after season. The Ashworth is by far the best honeymoon hotel new married love birds will find in Hampton.

Ships Inn Resort

15 A Street

Hampton Beach, NH 03842

(603) 926-1655

Hotels located off of the main strip of Ocean Boulevard and on one of the alphabetical streets have a tendency to offer a little extra piece and quiet. Also, as there are few ocean views off of the boardwalk the per-night rate is usually lower. At the Ships Inn Resort on the convenient A Street in Hampton features a small but intimate and comfortable Jacuzzi suite that was made with honeymooners in mind. If you choose the Ships Inn, consider a longer stay. The Sloop suites come equipped with full kitchenettes and low prices.

Kentville On the Ocean

315 Ocean Boulevard

Hampton, NH 03842

(603) 926-3950

The Kentville On the Ocean is a quaint, homelike and romantic hotel located on the far end of Hampton Beach’s main strip, Ocean Boulevard. At first glance, arriving guests will smile at the cornucopia of fresh potted flowers that line the balconies and front porch. The quaint, welcoming vibe continues in the guest rooms. The recommended room for honeymooners would be the premier oceanfront suite. A private deck provides breath taking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

The hotels in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire will surprise honeymooning couples with how romantic, luxurious and affordable they are. Hampton is truly a hidden honeymoon gem.


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